About Us

SimplyPDF has been created by Solid Documents - a leading developer of document reconstruction and archiving software for businesses and consumers across the globe. The company’s enterprise-class software and consumer technology has enabled more than 100,000 users to share, reconstruct and archive countless types of documents from legal contracts, user manuals and financial records to graphic designs, CAD drawings and websites. Solid Documents is building on nearly twenty years of experience to further innovate the productivity software industry.

Who Are We?

Solid Documents was founded in 2001 to lead in the document productivity software category.

As one of the first providers, Solid Documents has been successfully delivering best-in-class document reconstruction and archiving software for close to two decades. Its founder, Michael Cartwright, has extensive software development, management and document management experience. He recognized that PDF is the de facto document collaborative environment of the future that will enable a Universal Format for Document interchange.

The company’s mission is to enable this vision by innovating the industry with its award-winning software, software development kit (SDK) and customer service.

Why Are We Different?

Every year thousands of software products are released, all competing for space on the user’s hard drive and in the user’s mind. Solid Documents understands that you don’t want a big learning curve – you just want to get a job done. You want to pick up a program and be able to figure out how to use it without extensive training. Each Solid Documents product delights the user with quality and simplicity.

Why do we offer a better product? Perhaps because of the way we approach our projects. A few of the things we focus on are:

  • Attention to Detail. For example, in Solid Converter PDF we actually add technical detail to the PDF conversion. Although the detail is invisible to the user, the converted document is easier to work with and in many cases better than the original.
  • Technological Innovation. We strive to add details to our products that aren’t necessarily sold in other similar products but are ones that users want, such as the color capture feature in our Solid Capture product. We listen to our customers’ requests.
  • Keep it Clean. We design products for the majority of our users. That means we don’t make you choose among options you don’t need or care about.

Our customer base is loyal. Many of our customers have bought our other products based on positive experiences with one product. We also pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry, free of charge. We’re in it for the long haul and want to keep our customers coming back in the years to come.